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Feb 25, 2021

Our registrations have closed, but don't worry!

You can still be part of the Cali - Valle 2021 volunteer team,
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Sep 08, 2020

According to Law 720 of 2001 "By means of which the voluntary action of Colombian citizens is recognized, promoted and regulated" volunteerism is defined as:

It is the set of actions of general interest developed by natural or legal persons, who exercise their action of service to the community by virtue of a relationship of civil and voluntary character.

The volunteer is then conceived as any natural person who freely and responsibly, without receiving remuneration of a labor nature, offers time, work and talent for the construction of the common good individually or collectively, in public or private organizations or outside them.

The volunteers for the I Junior Pan American Games Cali – Valle 2021 will be transforming agents of change for their community, the city and the Americas, young people, adults, seniors or people with disabilities who, without monetary compensation, support this great event with their time, work and talent.


Sep 08, 2020

You will be part of history!

Cali and the Valle del Cauca will live the unique experience of a multisport event, unprecedented in the American continent, that will transform our city and department, 50 years after the successful Pan American Games, Cali 1971.

The sports capital of the Americas and the Valle del Cauca will receive the new generation of athletes who will ¡Give It All For You! In 37 qualifying disciplines for the Pan American Games Santiago 2023.

You will have the opportunity to share with people of different ages, professions, cities and countries that will decide to give their time and effort to be the best hosts.

As a volunteer you will have access to different sports scenarios in Cali and municipalities of the Valle del Cauca such as Buga, Calima El Darien, Jamundi, Palmira and Yumbo to fulfill your duties according to the area.

You will be part of the volunteer legacy for Cali and the Valle del Cauca, we count on you!


Sep 08, 2020

To be a volunteer in this great sporting event you only need to be 16 years old by February 28, 2021 and have all the good attitude to be the best representative of Cali, Valle del Cauca and America.

If you are under 18 years old, you must have your parents' authorization.


Sep 08, 2020

You will perform different functions according to the functional area in which you want to live this great experience.

Through the trainings you will have general and detailed knowledge about each one of the areas, which will allow you to have a wide panorama of selection, where you will always give the best of you.

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Sep 08, 2020

Only 3000 volunteers will be selected to be a part of this great experience.

Here are the steps you must take to become a volunteer for the I Junior Pan American Games Cali - Valle 2021:

  1. Complete the registration form that will be available as of october.
  2. Attend the general trainings, in which you will receive all the tools to be one of the best in these Games.
  3. Present selection and proficiency language interviews to determine the mastery of a second or third language.
  4. Attend specific trainings according to the selected area.
  5. Claim your uniform and accreditation to begin your duties within the Games.
  6. Live the best social and sports experience at the I Junior Pan American Games Cali- Valle 2021!


Sep 08, 2020

Being a volunteer for the I Junior  Pan American Games Cali – Valle 2021 you will have all the guarantees for the best performance of your duties:

  • Training: you will receive all the necessary information to be part of this great event and leave your mark.
  • Certifications: You will receive certification for your participation in these sports events and the completion of training.
  • Attire: You will represent the organization with the official volunteer uniform, designed exclusively for you.
  • Insurance: you will be covered for any accident.
  • Transportation and food: for the best performance of your duties during the event.

You will live an unmatched experience by being a part of the most important multidisciplinary sports event of the coming years.

You will have the opportunity to interact with people from 41 countries in the American region, with whom you will also practice your languages, in case you have a command of several languages.

You will have a social and sports work experience that will strengthen your resume and expand your network of friends and contacts not only locally, but internationally.

You will be part of the social legacy in volunteering for the next years, contributing to the development and positioning of Cali and the Valle del Cauca.


Sep 08, 2020

We will have more than 20 functional areas in which you can leave your mark with your enthusiasm and commitment from the knowledge acquired at school, university or at work. In each area of the organization you will live the best experience giving all of you and leaving Cali, the Valle del Cauca and America with a legacy that will last through time:

  • ACCOMMODATION will be in charge of transmitting information about the Games in hotels of the Panam Family, to the NOCs, delegations, technical officers and/or media. 
  • VILLA SERVICES will be in charge of transmitting information about the Games in the delegations' places of recreation.
  • ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES will guide the visitors of the Games at the airport so that they can experience the warmth of Cali on their arrival to the city.
  • MEDICAL SERVICES will support the emergencies that arise by welcoming the visitors. If you are a student in the area of health or professional this is your area.
  • ACCREDITATIONS will support the delivery of accreditations to all those who require it.
  • UNIFORMS support the delivery of uniforms to volunteers, organizing committee and technical officials.
  • DOPING CONTROL will support the process of doping tests to selected athletes.
  • FOOD AND BEVERAGES will be responsible for providing food and drinks to those who require it. 
  • HYDRATATION IN VENUES will support the provision of service to athletes and other customers.
  • LANGUAGE SERVICE will facilitate communication in English, French, Portuguese. If you are a student or a professional in modern languages this is your area.
  • VENUE MANAGEMENT will accompany all the actions in the sports and non-sports scenarios.
  • TRANSPORTATION will accompany the movements of those who require it in the vehicles of the organization arranged for this purpose and will give information about this service in accommodation and scenarios.
  • DELEGATIONS COMPANIONS will accompany the National Olympic Committees of the 41 countries of the Americas region.
  • DIGNATARIES ATTACHES will accompany the highest sports authorities and dignitaries in different venues representing the organization
  • PROTOCOL IN VENUES will guide different clients of the Games to the places arranged by the organization.
  • AWARD CEREMONIES will support the ceremonial processes that take place during these sports events.. 
  • VIP ROOM will be in the VIP rooms supporting the service during these sports events.
  • SERVICES TO THE PANAMERICAN FAMILY (PRO) will accompany the Panam family in their arrivals and departures, accommodation and accreditation. 
  • LEGACY AND SUSTAINABILITY will support the collection of information to contribute to the legacy of the Games. An altruistic mission that will leave a great mark and will transcend borders.
  • TECHNICAL S PORTS VOLUNTEER will be supporting the technical execution of 28 sports and 37 sports disciplines that will be developed in these Games. If you are an athlete, this is your area.
  • SPORT PRESENTATION will support the experience that is lived in the sports venues through each competition. If you are a student of social communication and journalism, production, electronic engineering or similar, this is your area.
  • MARKETING will support events and our official character "Pana" in his visits during the Games. Our friend "Pana" has a busy schedule.
  • COMMUNICATIONS will support the handling with media. If you are a student of social communication and journalism or related, this is your area.
  • PRESS SERVICES will guide local and foreign journalists to their areas within the sports and non-sports venues. If you are a student of social communication and journalism or related, this is your area.
  • TICKETING will support the delivery and control of tickets to all clients. An arduous mission.  
  • TECHNOLOGY you will support the systematization of the results of the Games. Great mission for the development of these games.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE will support administrative tasks that are required daily during the Games.
  • WORK FORCE LEADERS If you are a leader this is your area! You will work as a team for the correct development of the functions of the volunteers in the Games. 


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